Alex Stephens from Bryan College for Fit Man on Campus

Why Alex Thinks He Should Win

My name is Alex Stephens, and I am a senior at Bryan College in a little city called Dayton, TN. I applied for Fit Man on Campus thinking that . I have been running and caring about health since my first cross country practice at age 12. Since then, I have developed my fitness into more than working out and running, but incorporated it into my everyday lifestyle. Fitness for me is a choice to live in such a way that creates a body and health that makes you feel good about yourself. I have a passion for helping people lose weight and be happy with whom they are as a person, and that is done best through diet and exercise. I love to focus on what I put into my body, but also know the value of being able to treat myself every once in awhile. I run 11-13 times a week and workout 3-4 times, and feel lethargic if I do not get the chance to. I am the type of person that has weird routines to stay fit such as drinking 4 ounces of Aloe Vera Juice everyday or knocking out 200 push ups a day.

The chance to have a Men’s Fitness photo shoot would be a dream come true and a huge part of my journey to a future career in heath and helping obese Americans get in shape. Men’s Fitness is at the top of the fitness realm when it comes to helping and encouraging people to live healthy lives, and I would love the chance to be a part of that. I have always lived a way that is different from the majority of the people around me, but that is what has set me apart as a fitness example.