Fit Man on Campus SparkReel [Video]

Men’s Fitness is a proud partner of SparkReel, where we created a group that allows Men’s Fitness readers and Fit Man on Campus followers to upload videos straight from their smartphones. It’s really easy to get in on the action. Simply sign up at and join our group. Then whenever you take a video for us from your mobile phone, just e-mail the video to

If you haven’t signed up for SparkReel, you can still join the movement by sending your video to the above e-mail address, but then you won’t be eligible to win special prizes and giveaways. We look forward to seeing what you got! By checking out the video below or coming to this page, you’ll see all of the latest videos from Men’s Fitness and the Men’s Fitness audience below.

During the Final round of the Fit Man on Campus competition, the competitors will be attempting 11 different challenges that will test their fitness levels like never before.

The Final Challenges are:

  1. As many pull ups as you can complete in two minutes | 15 points each
  2. Bench press your body weight as many times as you can | 15 points each
  3. 5 one-armed pull ups | 500 points
  4. 10 one-armed push ups with each arm, no breaks between sets |  500 points
  5. As many consecutive free throws as possible | 10 points each
  6. Two minute wall sit with 25 hammer curls – 25 lb minimum | 700 points
  7. 50 squats with 50 pounds in one minute | 600 points
  8. As many clap push ups as you can in one minute | 10 points each
  9. 10 consecutive L-Sit pull ups | 700 points
  10. What advice would you give somebody who is just beginning a fitness plan? | 250
  11. What would it mean to you to be named the Fit Man on Campus? | 250

*An additional 50 points will be awarded to each video challenge where you are wearing Vibram Five Finger shoes.