Jonathan Urmenita from Washington State University for Fit Man on campus

Why Jonathan Urmenita Thinks He Should Win:

Music and fitness have always been my passions and although I spend most of my day practicing my instrument, I still make it a priority to have a consistent training schedule and a clean diet despite all the rigors of being a full time student. I am majoring in music at Washington State University, completing degrees in both jazz performance and music education. My training not only improves my ability to cope with the stresses of school, but it also drastically improves my playing ability as well, providing an athleticism and stamina on my instrument that gives me an edge over the competition. I find that I can draw from my experiences in the gym and apply them to improve myself musically. To me, the real art in any strength or physique sport is the cultivation of an intimate connection between the mind and the body, training the mind to constantly push the body beyond its previous limits in order to achieve ever greater levels of mass, power, speed or whatever other goals one may train for. On a physical level, music is nothing more than training the synergy between the mind and the body in order to create beautiful art. In this sense, I see music and my physique as one in the same as an expression of human art.

A photo shoot with Men’s Fitness would be an incredible experience for me to say the least, and a very rewarding one as well after spending all those years training and trying to be my best. Crowning me as Fit Man on Campus would show the world the benefits of a fitness lifestyle outside of merely loosing weight, and that it is possible to achieve your fitness goals no matter what your pathway is life is.