Matt Corso from Salem State University

Why Matt Thinks He Should Win

Wow, where to start? My name is Matthew Corso, im 22 years old, from Middleton, MA, and I’m a Marketing Major at Salem State University. My whole life i had been rejected, picked on, and ridiculed. I always wondered if id ever be happy. I jumped on the workout train around 16-17, and i was hooked. I gained a large amount of confidence, great results physically and mentally, and motivation. I’m now a Bantam Bodybuilder, and i have already competed 5 times. My goal in life is to achieve the most perfect body, ALL Naturally. I want to show people that you can go from scrawny to muscle with “COMMITMENT”. I work in retail at Armani Exchange, i don’t make much, but i spend almost all of my income on Food, Supplements, Gym Memberships, and Gas to go too and fourth to the gym. Bodybuilding to me isn’t a passion, but a lifestyle. Lazy people don’t get far in this business. I workout 6 days a week, religiously, and eat On-Season all year. I also work as a Men’s Bodybuilding/Model competition coach to support my bodybuilding competition funds. I’m the college student that walks around campus with my gallon of water, Bodybuilding gym bag full of Tupperware (Labeled times!), and supplements. I’m at college 3 days a week(5 courses), and i work around my gym schedule so i can get to the gym whether it be 4 am, or 7 pm at night. Theres no “maybe i will go tomorrow”, its now or nothing to me. My goal in life is to be an inspiration to the kids being bullied and rejected. I recently had a success story in Men’s Fitness magazine for May 2012, going from a zero to a hero. I truly cant believe how far I’ve gotten, and this is just the beginning for me. I will be a natural pro at one point, but patience is a virtue. I deserve to be crowned the Fittest Man On Campus, because theres no other guy on Campus with my “Commitment”. I will never give up, and Failure not an option. I will do whatever it takes to win the competition, and be an inspiration to those who are willing to ask for advice and help. Everything happens for a reason!