Michael Weiss from Florida Atlantic University

Why Michael Weiss Thinks He Should Win:

I have always worked on the mindset that a physically fit body collaborates with the mind to achieve goals. This is done through perseverance, dedication, and most importantly consistency. My physique is important to me, but a healthy mind and body is what I strive for.Throughout my younger years, athletics have been the core of my conditioning. Now, weightlifting, swimming, running, and aerobics seem to overwhelm much of my current physical activity.

In my opinion, fitness is a work ethic that isfostered through proper nutrition and working the body to obtain optimal performance. I started to realize the benefits of steady physical workouts in High School.  It did not take long to understand how important it was to follow a proper diet and to change my eating habits.  I began to integrate nutrition and supplementation with my workouts to graduallychange my physique from scrawny to a more proportionally built individual.  This was not easy task and continues today and as aspects, well into the future.

Although my priorities change from time to time, the core to my balance is physical fitness.  It brings out positive energy in me to be a good college student, hard worker, and to be at peace. As an Exercise Science major, I would have to say my studies and training mostly go hand and hand and are incorporated into my lifestyle everyday.

It would be an incredible honor to be selected for a photo shoot with Men’s Fitness and to be crowned America’s Fit Man on Campus.It would be a life changing experience and a great opportunity for me to start a career in fitness modeling. Being an inspiration to others would be the best feeling anyone could ask for.  Since recently given this opportunity, I would give whatever it takes.